This is a highly innovative industry, and one that places great store by the highest standards of quality design and constantly has a weather eye open for everything to do with durability, safety and security. We frequently take on the role of the development partner working hand-in-glove with the responsible departments in the automotive industry. This is how new solutions that inspire customers take shape, new trends in interiors and exteriors come into being and safety components like headlights are created.


This segment involves products that are usually used very close to the body and, as a result, have to fulfil very strict requirements in terms of their tactile characteristics, design and functionality. Combining these features into the ideal product is a speciality of WB coatings. In close cooperation with industry, our team researches, tests and develops products with enhanced functionality and a unique appearance.


Simultaneously hated and loved: fake goods, whether luxury items or mass-production products, change hands all over the world and, in doing so, often cause the original manufacturers immense losses measurable in millions. What manufacturers need is practicable solutions that are both effective and affordable. Thanks to our intelligent Safeguard paint system, state-of-the-art product marking, identification and authentication are a realistic option.

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