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Texture paint specially for PA loudspeaker cabinets at events and concerts

At professionally organised events, every little detail counts – including the appearance of the speakers. WARNEX texture paints give them the robustness they need to survive the stresses and strains of a life on the road, and, on the other hand, with their slightly grainy textures, they make a great contribution to the overall stage appearance.


The WARNEX system has been specifically developed for the music and events industries. It blends in superbly with stage and hall architecture and is robust enough to withstand the strains of gigs and concerts, both indoors and out. The entire product suite is easy to repair, which is why it is felt to be the market leader. For example, the CINEMA-OVER COAT has non-reflecting properties that are essential for use in cinema installations.

New: Warnex PRO

The special-purpose coating for the highest mechanical stress requirements.

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